Master of Christian Leadership (MCL)

The Master of Christian Leadership (MCL) program is an advanced degree that confronts the critical areas of leadership, team effectiveness, power and relationships, strategic planning, influencing without authority, and communication. It empowers participants with the latest techniques to navigate these complex management issues. Gain the management and technical skills necessary to advance in your career and successfully guide your organization into the future. The Master of Christian Leadership also trains individuals for specialized lay ministries to youth and adults, equipping them to equip others for ministry. This degree focuses on articulating, developing, and pursuing ministry strategies as a lay leaders in churches, parachurch organizations, local communities, and the marketplace.

Learning Outcomes

The Master of Christian Leadership (MCL) degree program will allow students to:

  • Compare and justify the need for leadership and management development concepts as well as explore and examine leadership roles.
  • Encounter God as Person and Truth, through a deepening awareness of and response to the persistent invitation of God to intimate relationship.
  • Develop a global vision of their firm or organization.
  • Cultivate great leaders who can develop healthy growth organization while acting with the highest level of character, integrity and purpose.
  • Develop skills that enable them to innovate the spirits of healthy leadership.
  • Apply sound business practices to establish or grow a churches or parachurch organizations.
    Understand organizations and how to work within them to maximize success in fulfilling the organization’s mission.
  • Provide visionary leadership to support strategic planning that balances continuity and change.
  • Demonstrate attitudes, skills, and behaviors essential for a uniquely Christian understanding of leadership.
  • Discuss the knowledge, methods and techniques need to develop and motivate followers, resolve conflict and disputes.

Admission Requirements

  • Education. Applicants who possess evidence of an earned bachelor degree in an any discipline will be admitted directly to the Master of Christian Leadership (MCL) program. All degrees must be earned at institutions approved by the BPPE, public or private institutions of higher learning accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or any institution of higher learning, including foreign institutions.
  • Professional Experience. Applicants should possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in church settings, para-church organizations, and/or missionary work.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Student must complete 30 semester units of prescribed curriculum.
  2. Satisfactory completion of all required course work with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Students must apply for graduation and meet all academic and financial requirements.

Master of Christian Leadership (MCL) Curriculum: 30 units

MCL 500 – Old Testament Introduction
MCL 501- Introduction to New Testament
MCL 502 – Foundation of Leadership Development
MCL 503 – Developing A Leader’s Self Understanding & Assessing Ministry Health for Leaders
MCL 504- Strategic Leadership
MCL 505 – Transforming your Leadership Development
MCL 506 – Leading and Transforming Your Ministry
MCL 507 – Raising and Multiplying the Transformed Leaders in your Ministry
MCL 508 – Empowering Leaders through Coaching
MCL 509 – Empowering Leaders for Healthy Growth