Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FTU an approved University?

Yes, the University has the authorization to operate and award certificates and undergraduate and graduate degrees by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education of the State of California.

Are FTU students qualified for tuition reimbursement assistance by their employers?

Some FTU students, working for major corporations and governmental agencies, receive tuition reimbursement assistance from their employers. To check your eligibility, please contact your employer.

Does FTU offer financial aid?

No, FTU does not participate in any financial aids.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

Normally, students complete their certificate program within 1 year, undergraduate programs within 4 years, and graduate programs within 2 years.

Does the University provide transcripts?

Transcripts are available from the Registrar’s Office, upon request.

May courses taken elsewhere be transferred to FTU?

Yes, transfer credits are allowed in the undergraduate (up to 90 semester units) and graduate programs (up to 18 semester units). However, no transfer credits are allowed in the certificate programs.

Can I purchase textbooks and other learning materials from the FTU bookstore?

FTU does not have a bookstore. For on-campus students, students will be provided with the list of textbooks to be purchased before 1st day of class every semester. For Online students, textbook purchase is not necessary. FTU utilizes open source textbooks. Therefore, students can access their online textbooks at no cost.

Will distance learning be worded on my certificate, degree or transcript?

No. Certificate, degree and transcripts are similar to those of traditional institutions.