Certificate in Business Management

The business management certificate is an excellent option for students to obtain continuing education and gain an edge over their peers. It is also an excellent opportunity for those who have graduated in a non-business field to develop foundational business expertise.

Program Objectives
The objectives of the Certificate in Business Management program are to provide:

  • Working professionals an opportunity to experience college level study without committing to a full degree program;
  • Academic experience and a credential in a given discipline;
  • Practical knowledge with an understanding of the integrated nature of business functions;
  • The opportunity to explore the issues that characterize the contemporary business environment; and
  • The option of pursuing a business administration degree at Frederick Taylor University upon successful completion of the program.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Business Management program, the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge and application of management concepts and approaches;
  • Apply tools and techniques for business management decision making;
  • Locate, retrieve, evaluate, organize, and analyze information for management/leadership decision making;
  • Work with and/or lead a diverse team toward goal accomplishment.
Admission RequirementsAdmissions Application
Application / Registration Fee
Proof of Graduation: All applicants must provide proof of completion of high school or GED.
Interview: All applicants must participate in a brief interview with one of the following staff members: Director of Admissions, Director of Student Services, Chief Academic Officer, or Department Chair.
Personal Identification: All applicants are required to submit a copy of personal identification such as a State driver’s license, government issued identification card, passport, visas, or any government issued photo identification.
Completion RequirementsSuccessful completion of 10 semester units (160 clock hours) of study is required. The normal time necessary to complete the program is 8 months.
Coursework RequirementsCBM 201 Introduction to Business Management, 5 units (80 clock hours)
CBM 265 Small Business Management, 5 units (80 clock hours)
Career Opportunities43-4171 Appointment Clerks, 43-6011 Administrative Assistants, Executive, 43-6014 Administrative Assistants, Except Legal, Medical, and Executive, 43-9060 Office Clerks, General, 43-9061 Office Assistants, 43-9000 Other Office and Administrative Support Workers, 43-9199 Office Support Workers, All Other