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Current Tuition And Fees

FTU charges a fixed rate for each program. The University utilizes open source textbooks. Therefore, students can access their online textbooks at no cost.

Mini MBA Certificate Programs:

Mini MBA  Programs Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) *STRF (Non-Refundable) Graduation & Diploma Fee **Tuition Charges ***Total Cost
Business Management          $100.00         $0.00     $100.00 $400.00 $600.00
Financial Accounting          $100.00         $0.00      $100.00 $400.00  $600.00
Human Resources Management          $100.00         $0.00      $100.00 $400.00  $600.00
Supply Chain Management          $100.00         $0.00      $100.00 $400.00  $600.00
Marketing Management          $100.00         $0.00      $100.00 $400.00  $600.00

Degree Programs:

Degree Programs Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) *STRF (Non-Refundable) Graduation & Diploma Fee **Tuition Charges ***Total Cost
Bachelor of Science in Management          $100.00         $0.00    $100.00 $5,000.00  $5,200.00
Bachelor of Business Administration          $100.00         $0.00    $100.00 $5,000.00  $5,200.00
Master of Business Administration          $100.00         $0.00    $100.00 $5,000.00  $5,200.00

* Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) = $0.50 per $1,000.00 of tuition, rounded to the nearest $1,000.00 - (1/1/2013 through 12/31/2014).            Effective 1/1/2015 no STRF charges will apply.

** Tuition includes textbooks

*** Estimated charges for the period of attendance and the entire program - DOES NOT INCLUDE GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES (SEE BELOW)

Exceptional Charges
Some students may be responsible for the following additional charges:
General Education Charges:

Undergraduate students who have not completed the General Education courses at other colleges and universities shall take deficient credits at FTU. An additional cost of $25 (per semester unit) will be applied for the completion of General Education courses at FTU.

Transcript Fee:
The University will provide students with one transcript at no charge after graduation. The fee for additional copy is $25.
Shipping Charges:
FTU covers shipping charges for packages sent to students within the U.S. For students outside the U.S. a one-time shipping charge of $150 (per program) applies.
Tuition Payment Options
Option A: 5% discount if total tuition fees are paid in two equal installments. The first payment is due upon acceptance of the enrollment agreement. The second payment should be made within 30 days after enrollment.

Option B: Pay-as-you-go. FTU will work individually with you to develop a program that meets your needs.

Tuition may be paid by check(s), Visa or MasterCard. International students may pay their tuition by Certified Checks, Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal or through the Western Union.
Each year, Frederick Taylor University grants up to 100 scholarships on a first-come-first-serve basis. The $500 scholarship is to be used toward tuition for study in any of the degree programs offered by the University. To qualify for a scholarship, simply fill out our No-Cost, No-Obligation, Online Application and select "Yes" under the Scholarships section.





Degree Programs:

Mini MBA Certificates:

Prospective Students

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