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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is a method of course delivery that takes place away from the traditional classroom. In a distance learning environment communication between student and faculty member occurs electronically. All course related questions will be answered by an experienced and dedicated faculty member. Our faculty members are just one click away from our students. With our program, students may download their courses from our website or receive their courses by mail.

Do I have to attend campus classes?

FTU provides its courses in distance learning and online formats. Therefore, there is no class attendance requirement. You can fit your coursework into your busy schedule by focusing on one course at a time. You study in privacy of your own home and work closely with your assigned faculty members to complete your degree program.

What are the courses like?

Our textbooks are similar to the books used by campus-based degree programs. Our courses are designed to ensure your academic progress in a distance learning format. FTU encourages a one-on-one communication between faculty and students. Our expert faculty will provide continual guidance throughout your courses to ensure your academic success.

Purchase is not necessary. Access to textbooks and study materials are provided to our students at no charge.

How can I contact my faculty members?

You can contact your assigned faculty members by email, telephone, fax or mail, whichever you select. Your instructors will guide you step-by-step through your courses and assignments. You can contact your faculty members at  1-925-376-0900 or instructor@ftu.edu

Students may complete their degree programs at their own pace with no set schedule, as long as the entire program is completed within 3 years.

Yes, the University has the authorization to operate and award undergraduate and graduate degrees by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, of the State of California.

Some FTU students, working for major corporations and governmental agencies, receive tuition reimbursement assistance from their employers. To check your eligibility, please contact your employer.

Yes, some qualified students may be awarded Partial-Tuition Scholarship.

Should I pay my total tuition in one payment prior to enrollment?

No. You may pay your tuition on a course-by-course basis or on a monthly payment schedule, whichever meets your financial circumstances. There are no interest charges if you pay your tuition on an installment basis. However, you will receive 10% discount if you pay your entire tuition in one payment.

That depends on your motivation and the number of courses required, considering your transferred credits. In general, most students complete their degree programs in 9-18 months.

Transcripts are available from the Registrar's Office, upon request.

FTU will accept appropriate transfer credits from approved or accredited institutions.  Transferability of FTU credits to other institutions is determined by the receiving institutions which is a standard practice throughout academia.

You can start at any time. Enrollment is continuous and you will begin your education as soon as your enrollment     forms and first installment of your tuition are received. Simply submit your online application for admission. After processing, we will issue an enrollment packet for you that include your coursework requirements and terms and conditions of your enrollment in our program. You may review, sign and forward your enrollment document to the University along with your first payment to begin your degree program. Many students begin their degree programs within 2 weeks of the date of their acceptance letter.

No. Our degree and transcripts are similar to those of traditional institutions.

Yes, courses may be challenged upon permission of the faculty.

B.S. and B.B.A. Degrees: 120 semester units are required for graduation, at least 30 of which must be completed at FTU.

M.B.A. Degree: 32 semester units are required for graduation, at least 26 of which must be completed at FTU.

No, FTU does not participate in any Federal or State student loan program at this time.




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