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The value of a business degree extends a competitive edge in today’s marketplace where obstacles such as competition, growth, and change are predominant. Your interest in earning a business degree displays your ambition, motivation, and entrepreneurial spirit that will differentiate the successful from the rest.

The education will play a major role in shaping your career and paving your road to success. Our degree programs are designed for busy, responsible people who wish to enhance their academic credentials and get ahead in the marketplace. We believe that our impressive quality, convenience, and affordability will be of real value to our prospective students. Let’s look at these key factors:
Quality: Our expert faculty has designed quality courses to teach you the day-to-day business practices necessary for the success of any organization. Our program will help you become a skilled manager and strategic thinker.
Convenience: You will study and learn at your home, at your pace, and on your own schedule. There are no attendance requirements, no timed courses, no deadline pressure, and no group meetings. Our knowledgeable faculty and staff are here to give you prompt and personal assistance. Feel free to write, call, fax or e-mail us in the case of any questions.
Distance Education: As a distance learning student, you will progress through each course as quickly as your schedule allows, or as slowly as you need to understand and retain what you are learning. This simply means there is no disruption to your work, family life, or other important schedules. You will begin each lesson fresh and be able to close your textbook whenever you wish to, and never have to worry about keeping up with your classmates.
Affordability: Our tuition is attractively priced. We offer an affordable monthly tuition schedule with no interest charges. You will be provided free access to your required textbooks and study materials, and we do not charge an application fee.
We invite you to join our diverse student body, in the U.S. and all around the world, to earn your degree right from the privacy of your own home. No matter where you live, FTU can bring the best learning experience to you.

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Student's Feedback

Wang E. (MBA in Executive Management)
No expression but a simple "Thank you" to show my most sincere appreciation from the bottom of my heart to you and the staff of FTU. Perspectives are now formed, organized and evaluated from multiple angles through your training process and a passage has already been paved for a new chapter of my professionalism. Without any dispute, it will be considered the most valuable asset I ever possessed. Again, thanks for all your efforts and most importantly, believing in me.
James Robert A. (BBA in Management)
Excellent staff, on time, excellent instructors. I have learned a lot and have gained a lot of knowledge from your university. Thank you!
Warner B. T. (BBA)
Courses are direct and to the point, which does allow for an easier transition from the course to the work place.
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Prospective Students

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