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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration is a professional graduate degree designed to provide an intense educational experience to students and professionals in business who wish to assume senior leadership positions in business environments. The program focuses on strategic management, organizational behavior, marketing, managerial accounting, and finance.

Additional elective courses may be selected to help students focus on various disciplines within business such as financial management, operations, international business, information systems, healthcare administration, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and other related areas. This program provides students with an opportunity to develop the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that will serve as a foundation for their growth into effective managers and creative leaders in business and industry.

Frederick Taylor University offers M.B.A. degrees with elective programs in the fields of:

  • Executive Management
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing Management
  • Taxation
  • Financial Management
  • International Business
  • Health Care Administration
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources Management


Admission Requirements:

A Bachelor's Degree in a related field of study from an accredited or state-approved college or university.
Graduation Requirements:
Satisfy 32 semester units (8 courses) utilizing an acceptable combination of the following methods:

Transfer of Credit

Completion of Course Work Requirements

After evaluation of transfer credits, remaining course work requirements should be met by completing the University’s distance learning course work programs.
Course Work Requirements: (4 units each)
Elective Course Work Requirements:  (12 units required)

Students should select only one of the following elective programs:

Executive Management Program:   Information Systems Program:
• FM 445  Advanced Financial Management   • IS 460    Information Systems for Managers
• MK 450  Advanced Marketing Management   • BA 490  Research Project Proposal
• BA 465  Entrepreneurship   • IS 495    Information Systems Project
Marketing Management Program:   Taxation Program:
• MK 450  Advanced Marketing Management   • TX 450   Tax Options and Opportunities
• BA 490    Research Project Proposal   • BA 490   Research Project Proposal
• MK 495   Marketing Management Project   • TX 495   Taxation Research Project
Financial Management Program:   International Business Program:
• FM 445  Advanced Financial Management   • IB 450   Advanced International Business 
• BA 490   Research Project Proposal   • BA 490  Research Project Proposal
• FM 495   Financial Management Project   • IB 495   International Business Project
Heath Care Administration Program:   Operations Management Program:
• HC 465   Health Care Policy and Mgt.   • OP 450   Adv. Operations Management
• BA 490   Research Project Proposal   • BA 490   Research Project Proposal
• HC 495   Health Care Research Project   • OP 495   Operations Management Project
Supply Chain Management Program:   Human Resources Management Program:
• SC 450   Adv. Supply Chain Management   • HR 450   Adv. Human Resources Management
• BA 490   Project Proposal   • BA 490   Research Project Proposal
• SC 495   Supply  Chain Management Project   • HR 495   Human Resources Project 
For detailed course descriptions, view our Catalog online .


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