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Online "Mini MBA" Certificate Programs

The "Mini MBA" is not a degree program. It is a certificate program designed to be completed within 150 clock hours of study, in privacy of your own home or office. Most students complete their program within a couple of months.

You can advance your professional qualifications by enrolling in any of the following programs:

Our proven distance learning methodology allows you to complete your program at your own select study pace and time schedule.

FTU’s expert faculty are available to answer your questions by phone, fax or electronic mail. Our curriculum was developed by leading experts to ensure that you receive quality, comprehensive and up-to-date course materials.

Get Your "Mini MBA" Certificate Without Attending On-Campus Classes!



Tuition and Fees:

"Mini MBA" Certificate Programs

"Mini MBA" Programs Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) Student Tuition Recovery Fund (Non-Refundable) Graduation & Diploma Fee Tuition Charges *Total Cost
Business Management          $100         $0      $100 $400  $600
Financial Accounting          $100         $0      $100 $400  $600
Human Resources Management          $100         $0      $100 $400  $600
Supply Chain Management          $100         $0      $100 $400  $600
Marketing Management          $100         $0      $100 $400  $600

* STRF = $0.50 per $1,000 of tuition, rounded to the nearest $1,000 - (1/1/2013 through 12/31/2014). Effective 1/1/2015 no STRF charges will apply.

** Tuition includes accessing the required textbooks

Q & A

Q: Do I have to buy any books for my certificate program?

A: No. The University will supply the access to required textbooks and study materials at no charge. Each certificate program is supported by textbooks and various reading materials. 

Q: How do I access my course and reading materials?

A: Most courses are available in print or download versions. Downloadable courses can be accessed through our website, right after enrollment. Print version courses are sent to our students by the U.S. Priority Mail.

Q: Can the "Mini MBA" certification program be applied towards a degree program at FTU?

A: If you applied and accepted to one of our degree programs, you would receive academic credit based on your final grade.

Q: Do I have to attend campus classes?

A: FTU provides its courses in distance learning and online formats. Therefore, there is no class attendance requirement. You can fit your coursework into your busy schedule. You study in privacy of your own home and work closely with your assigned faculty members to complete your certificate program.

Q: What is a course like?

A: Our certificate course comes with a textbook, course syllabus, homework and final assignment. Our textbook is similar to the books used by campus-based degree programs. Each course is designed to ensure your academic progress in a distance learning format. FTU encourages a one-on-one communication between faculty and student. Our expert faculty will provide continual guidance throughout your program to ensure your academic success.

Q: How can I contact my faculty members?

A: You can contact your assigned faculty member by email, telephone, fax or mail, whichever you select. Your instructors will guide you step-by-step through your course study. You can contact your faculty members at instructor@ftu.edu and 1-925-376-0900.

Q: Do I need to complete my course based on a pre-scheduled timetable?

A: Students may complete their Mini MBA certificate programs within (6) months.

Q: Is FTU an Approved University?

A: Yes, the University has the authorization to operate and award undergraduate and graduate degrees by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, of the State of California.

Q: Are FTU students qualified for tuition reimbursement assistance by their employers?

A: Some FTU students, working for major corporations and governmental agencies, receive tuition reimbursement assistance from their employers. To check your eligibility, please contact your employer.

Q: Should I pay my total tuition in one payment prior to enrollment?

A: Yes.

Q: How long will it take to complete my Mini MBA certificate?

A: That depends on your motivation and your own study pace. Each program is comprised of two courses and is designed to require about 150 clock hours of study for completion. Please note that FTU allows students to set their own study pace as long as the program is completed within (6) months.

Q: How soon can I start my program?

A: You can start at any time. Enrollment is continuous and you will begin your education as soon as your enrollment forms and first installment of your tuition are received. Simply submit your online application for admission. After processing, we will issue an enrollment packet for you that includes the terms and conditions of your enrollment in our program. You may review, sign and forward your enrollment document to the University along with your first payment to begin your degree program.

Q: Will distance learning be worded on my certificate?

A: No. Our "Mini MBA" certificates are similar to those of traditional institutions.

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