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Bachelor of Science in Management

The Bachelor of Science in Management program is designed to provide students with a practical education in the field of management. The program educates students to understand and apply the concepts of effective management and prepares students for a wide variety of careers and life experiences. The Bachelor of Science in Management focuses on educating students in the subjects of management, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, human resources management and business planning to prepare students for management responsibilities.
Admission Requirements:

High School Graduation or completion of the GED.

Graduation Requirements:

Students shall satisfy a total of 120 semester units of the course work requirements as follows:

Transfer of Credit:
    A maximum of 90 semester units of credit may be transferred to the bachelor's degree program as follows:
Past Academic Credit
The University may accept any course work successfully completed at other accredited or state approved colleges and universities, if it comparably meets FTU course work requirements.
Credit by Examination
Students may satisfy course work requirements by passing designated challenge examinations at FTU. The University also awards credit for satisfactory completion of the CLEP or other comparable examinations.
Specialized Training
In accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education, FTU may award credit for specialized training and/or military service and schooling.

Completion of Course Work Requirements:

After evaluation of transfer credits, remaining course work requirements should be met by completing the University’s distance learning course work programs.

Course Work Requirements: (5 units each)
General Education Requirements (40 units required)


•  GE 115    College Algebra
•  GE 116     Mathematics for Business and Finance
•  GE 120     English Grammar
•  GE 121     Communication
•  GE 130     Introduction to Anthropology
•  GE 131     Social Groups
•  GE 140     Introduction to Psychology
•  GE 150     U.S. History I
•  GE 151     U.S. History II
BS Core Courses: (80 units required)

•  LR 200     Library Research Method

•  BA 200    Introduction to Business
•  BA 202    Human Behavior in Organization
•  BA 210    Principles of Macroeconomics
•  BA 215    Principles of Microeconomics  
•  BA 220    Principles of Marketing
•  BA 225    Accounting I  
•  BA 226    Accounting II 
•  BA 230    Business Law      
•  BA 235    Principles of Management
•  BA 240    Managerial Accounting  
•  BA 247    Financial Statement Analysis
•  BA 255    Career Planning
•  EM 260   Human Resources Management
•  EM 270   Operations Management
•  BA 285    Business Plan  
•  EM 290   Direct Study in Management
•  EM 295   Independent Project in Management
For detailed course descriptions, view our Catalog online .

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Advanced Certificates:

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