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EP 100D - English Proficiency Test

GE 115D College Algebra

GE 116D Mathematics for Business & Finance

GE 120D English Grammar

GE 121D - Communications

GE 130D Introduction to Anthropology

GE 131D Social Groups

GE 140D Introduction to Psychology

GE 150D History of the United States - Until 1865

GE 151D History of the United States - After Reconstruction

TP 200D - Writing a Research Project

BA 200D Introduction to Business

BA 205D - Introduction to Business Communications

BA 210B Principles of Macroeconomics (Ver_M3)

BA 210D Principles of Macroeconomics

BA 215B Principles of Microeconomics (Ver_M3)

BA 215D Principles of Microeconomics

IS 215D Information Technology

IS 215K Information Technology (Ver_M3)

BA 220D Principles of Marketing

BA 221D Customer Oriented Marketing Plans

BA 225D - Accounting I

BA 227D Budget and Performance Analysis

BA 230D - Business Law

BA 235D Principles of Management

BA 240B Managerial Accounting (Ver_M3)

BA 240D Managerial Accounting

BA 247D Financial Statement Analysis

MM 250D - Marketing Management

BA 253B - Social Media for Business Organizations (Ver_M3)

EM 260D Human Resources Management

BA 265D -  Small Business Management

EM 270D - Operations Management

BA 285D - Business Plan

XX 290D Direct Study

XX 295D Independent Project

RP 300 - Human Resources Certification

RP 325 - Financial Accounting

BA 400D - Advanced Management

BA 400K - Advanced Management (Ver_M3)

BC 400D - Business Communications (Under Revision as of 5/28/2014)

BA 401D - Business Management

BA 402D - Organizational Behavior

BA 402K - Organizational Behavior (Ver_M3)

BA 405D Strategic Management

BA 405K Strategic Management (Ver_M3)

BA 415B Economics for Managers (Ver_M3)

BA 415D Economics for Managers

BA 430D Advanced Business Law

BA 440B Advanced Managerial Accounting (Ver_M3)

BA 440D Advanced Managerial Accounting

FM 440D - Managing Financial Resources

FM 445D - Advanced Financial Management

HR 450D - Advanced Human Resources Management

HR 450K - Advanced Human Resources Management (Ver_M3)

IB 450K Advanced International Business (Ver_M3)

MK 450D - Advanced Marketing Management

MK 450K Advanced Marketing Management (Ver_M3)

OP 450D Advanced Operations Management

SC 450D Advanced Supply Chain Management

MK 452D - Developing & Implementing Marketing Plans

BA 453B - Strategic Social Media Communications for Business (Ver_M3)

IS 460D - Information Systems for Managers

IS 460K - Information Systems for Managers (Ver_M3)

BA 465D - Entrepreneurship - Small Business Management

BA 485D - Developing Business Plan

BA 490D/XX495D Research Project Proposal & Research Project

DBA 800D Business Research and Methodology

DBA 810D Emerging Issues Multinational Organizations

DBA 830D Business Relations and Conflict Resolution

DBA 840D Survey of Marketing Research and Product Concepts

DBA 860D Advanced Issues in Consultancy Management


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